Take and bake

Since you are awesome and taking this step, you have maximum flexibility on when you serve your KillA Pie! Safely keep your pie(s) and any side toppings for up to two days in the fridge before you bake and enjoy.

How to Take & Bake - The Instructions:
Place a baking sheet or pizza stone in the oven and preheat to 500°F. Both standard and convection settings will work. Pro tip: Please allow the pan to heat up with the oven. This is a crucial step to achieve bomb texture!

Carefully remove your KillA Pie from the box, using two hands, gently pinching opposite sides of the foil “crown”, and place on your baking sheet or pizza stone with foil crown REMAINING on. This is the secret to our caramelized cheese crust (CCC), AT HOME!

Also remove from your fridge any additional toppings we provided. Please keep the separate toppings, if any, to the side, these will be used shortly, AFTER your pie is out of the oven. The toppings have a number on the container. The pizza box also has a number written on It. Matching up the numbers is how you know what toppings to put on which pizza.
Cook for 10-11 minutes on the center rack. Actual time depends on texture and color preference, as well as your individual oven. If you want more color on top, a brief switch to broiler and a CLOSE eye will get you there. Addittional pizzas may require more time depending on your oven. When cooking more than 3 pizzas at a time, we recommend an additional 3-4 minutes
Using oven mitts, unless you are impervious to extreme pain, remove pan or stone from oven and using the sticker, peel back the foil edge, and discard. It’s is ok to stare longingly at your Pie, you earned it!
Carefully but with confidence, cut your pie either with a large knife or a pizza cutter rocker. Avoid sawing, it will cut easily. We do not recommend the rolling cutters, they will push your pie around, and that’s not cool.
Artistically place any final toppings you had previously set aside which we provided.
Now your KillA Pie is ready to Enjoy!
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